Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stargate Atlantis The Complete Series

In 2008, after five successful years as a TV series, Stargate Atlantis went off the air. Coincidentally the last episode was the series’ 100th episode.

The series began as an offshoot of the longest continually running science fiction TV show in history: Stargate SG-1. While SG-1 took was based on Earth, Atlantis featured a cast of characters whose adventures were based on a distant planet where the fabled underwater city of Atlantis was discovered.

A team of scientists and military personnel stationed there explored distant worlds and attempted to unlock all the secrets of the long lost city. As the series fell into place it began to take on a flavor all of its own. The action was pumped up, characters developed and changed, new threats and discoveries took place and the show soon settled into its own niche.

Fans of the original series soon warmed up to Atlantis and many of the characters became fan favorites. Occasionally key characters from SG-1 would appear and for a time both SG-1 and Atlantis shared the airways.

For the first time Twentieth Century Fox/MGM has compiled a complete set of all the series’ episodes into an impressive 26-disc DVD set in a single package. Included with the episodes is an additional disc of featurettes and extras and all of the discs are contained in a specially designed box set that is sure to make any Stargate fan proud to own. I know I am.

So sit back, pop some popcorn, grab a drink and get ready to watch 100 episodes of one of TV’s landmark science fiction series. Who needs to sleep?

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