Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Slavery, Cops, Johnny And He-Man

Mill Creek Entertainment has just released five new titles in its DVD series that keep costs down while providing a great value in entertainment.

Up From Slavery reveals the path of slavery in America in a haunting 7-part documentary. At one time America, created and based n personal freedom of its individuals, had over 10 million Africans as slaves. Considered the height of hypocrisy, the slave trade in America took away the rights of blacks who were forcefully brought to America to work in the cotton fields and perform menial, and often degrading, work.

Containing reenactments and detailed historical studies, the documentary is a powerful reminder of a dark period in American history-one that should never be repeated.

Volume 2 of the animated series Cops contains episodes 33 through 65 of the series about ‘Fighting Crime In A Future Time.” Included with the final episodes of the Hasbro Toy based series are a slide show of the concept drawings for the show and a trailer for Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors.

Two Johnny Test DVD collections are the complete Season 3 & 4 of the 11-year old boy who manages to be the test subject of, or victim of, his two genius sister’s outrageous science experiments. Three bonus episodes from the animated series Nanoboy, Gadget Boy and Jacye And the Wheeled Warriors are included along with a Johnny Test digital comic book and a sneak peek at the Nintendo DS Johnny Test video game.

Johnny Test Saves The world contains 10 specially selected episodes that, you guessed it, has Johnny save the world! A Nanoboy episode, digital comic book and video game sneak peek are also included.

The Complete second Season of the new He-man And The Masters Of The Universe animated series is packed with exciting stories and also contains 10 complete episode scripts, 50 detailed character profiles, creatures and artifacts, three documentaries and a six episode commentary.

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