Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trees And Dragons

This is a first for me. I’ve reviewed Safari Ltd.’s products extensively in the past. Without a doubt the quality of their products are first-rate. The sculpting, attention to detail, paint application and wide range of product types are second to none.

One of my favorite set of figures Safari Ltd. produces are their dragons. I’ve reviewed each and every one in the past - all are superb.

Here’s what makes this review so unusual. Recently Safari Ltd. provided some dragon models I have already reviewed. However, I believe they deserve a second look. I won’t go into details other than to say each and every one makes a fine addition to any dragon lover’s collection.

The Ice Dragon is a chilling white and light blue lizard with huge silver frosted wings and iridescent silver horns and body spikes. The Midnight Moon Dragon is a purple metallic sheen monstrosity with gold accents and four red eyes and powerful short tail. The triple-head, yellow, orange and red Fire Dragon comes with a translucent flame shooting out of one its mouths and the serpentine Krystal Blue Dragon looks as if it jumped out of an ancient Chinese illustration. Tinged in gold and with blue fins along it entire upper body, it’s a real beauty.

Also, if you like dragons you’re sure to love Safari Ltd.’s dinosaurs and if you ever need some landscaping to go along with your thunder lizards then be sure to pick up Safari Ltd.’s Prehistoric Landscapes trees.

Three of the beautifully crafted and detailed foliage are a Cycad, Agathis Cinifer and Tree Fern. You’ll like them-they tend to “grow” on you.

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