Friday, November 4, 2011

Twister Mania

The board game Twister! first appeared in the turbulent ‘60s at the height of the ‘Hippie” generation.  And what a great fit!  After all it was decorated in bright colors and encouraged people to engage in close physical contact.  Sounds like the Hippie counter-culture to me! 
Majesco Entertainment’s Twister Mania for Xbox 360 Kinect lets eight players twist and turn through 16 wild and wacky Twister! environments.

If you think Twister! is crazy you haven’t seen anything yet.  Get a load of Twister Mania. Go solo or better yet: team up with friends to gyrate and intermingle in some of the most outrageous moves and positions possible.  It’s crazy, spine twisting and a close encounter of the most outrageous kind imaginable!

Choose from three game modes: Party Play, Play-It-All and Quick Play as you gyrate and twist, tumble and contort through Shape Frenzy, Twist & Fit, Break It down and Spot On.  It’s a whole new twist on Twister! amidst bright colors, rockin’ music and fast-paced fun!   This ain’t your grandma’s Twister!

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