Friday, December 9, 2011

Growler And Desk & Chair

Not too long ago I reviewed Hasegawa Hobby Kits' EA-18G Growler in large scale.  This time around I'm looking at the growler again, only this time in a smaller scale (1:72) and I have to say I am amazed the attention to detail is almost identical to the larger scale model.

Oh sure, there are slight differences simply because some parts were small with the larger version and a few of the miniscule details get lost when scaled down even smaller.  But, overall the smaller scale make little or no difference in the quality of the pieces, minimum flashing and easy detaching from the 14 part trees.

The U.S. Navy Carrier Borne ECM Aircraft is a marvel of modern aviation engineering.  With its enlarged fuel tank, a more powerful engine, lengthened wings, updated software and hardware, Vulcan cannon, missiles, and air-to-air ordinance.

Easy to follow instructions allows modelers to paint and decal exact makings and colors on the aircraft and the lettered and numbered tree parts makes finding parts easy to identify and use. 

Whether in flying or landing configuration the Growler is a beauty of a model that captures the look and feel of a real combat ready aircraft.

Now here's something I've never reviewed before: model school desks and chairs-three in total.  All snap together easily, are pre-painted and comes with a simulated board parquet floor panel. 

What in the world can you use a 1/12 Scale set desks and chairs for?  easy, ever hear of 1/12th Scale action figures before.  yep, G.I. Joes, Star Wars, military, movie-you name the 1/12 scale figure and those babies can sit their plastic behinds down behind a desk.  Good thing to, they're probably getting tired of standing!

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