Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rosario + Vampire, CAPU2 And Heaven's Lost Property

I admit that I don't understand everything that there is to know about anime.  There's a lot symbolism, innuendo and emotional content for sure. 

What I really focus in on with any well-done anime, and Funimation has plenty, is that quality comes first.  Let me clarify.

I look for a well-crafted story, clean, crisp, well-rendered backgrounds and characters, full-developed characters and, most important of all, a sense of uniqueness with the occasional surprise.

Funimation's newest releases have all those qualities including cleverly integrated traditional and computer animation, sexuality without overdoing sensuality and physical and subtle humor.

Rosario + Vampire begins innocently enough when student Tsukune's grades land him in a very unusual school-one made exclusively for monsters, called Yokai Academy.  Problem is none of his fellow students realize he's human.  If they did he would be so much meat.

Fortunately for him his scent attracts the attention of the stunning vampire Moka.  Unfortunately she doesn't like sharing her boy toy and when anyone, or anything, gets a little too close, her true nature emerges.  Talk about being two-faced!

If Tsukune wasn't such a push-over for a supernatural chick he wouldn't get in so much trouble.

In Rosario + Vampire CAPU2, Tsukune, Moka and the rest of the students return to Yokai Academy the following year.

Tsukune has become extremely popular with the monster crowd, so popular in fact that Moka's sassy and sadistic little sister takes a shine to him.  Only big sister wants no part of it.

Little Sis and Tsukune better watch out.  Moka has a dark side that is best left alone as they and the students of Yokai Academy find out-the hard way!

Heaven's Lost Property brings a new meaning to 'girl crazy.' Tomoki has a thing for girls. So much so that he embarasses his sister continually.

When a gorgeous, winged, Angeloid: Ikaros, falls to Earth and considers him her master Tomoki suddenly realizes she can give him whatever he wants-and I do mean whatever!

One big problem though-Tomoki has no idea where she comes from or why she's on Earth.  Sometimes it's best not to search for answers.  In this case the answers might just get Tomoki injured or worse!

All three of the new anime series from Funimation are visual treats, with plenty of off-the-wall humor, more than their fair share of innuendo and some outstanding animation.

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