Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Dark Crystal Creation Myths Volume 1

The dawn of time-out of the void comes the Crystal-the bringer of life, light and creation.

Spawned by on the planet Thra comes the sentient first life created by the Crystal: Aughra. From her animal and plant intermingled form comes self-awareness. She names the animals, plants and all things about her. Soon she charts the universe and gives rise to other sentient life-especially the Gelflings.

From her they learn of life—and death. Soon change descends upon the world of Thra in the form of the visitors christened the Urshek (Light Bringers).

Their arrival encourages the Gelflings to explore, discover new life and populate the world of Thra.

So goes the story of the Dark Crystal, the Jim Henson creation as originally envisioned by Brian Froud.

Brian Holguin, Alex Sheikman and Lizzy John combine their considerable artistic talents to chronicle the history of the Dark Crystal in a beautifully illustrated and written first volume of the Dark Crystal Creation Myths from Archaia.

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