Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fangoria #311, March

Roger Corman’s classic Poe tales are examined. Vincent Price holding Peter Lorre’s head graces the cover of this issue of Fangoria-the Winner of the 2011 Magazine Of The Year ‘This Is Horror’.

Monsters invade with Sweet Prudence & The Erotic Adventures Of Bigfoot, Night Of The Living Dead 2012, Massacred By Mother Nature, El Monstro Del Mari and Inkubus.

Fill out your Chopping List with the latest DVDs and Blu-rays, Nicholas Cage is proving himself to be the Master Of Horror, catch Rabies, find terror with Absentia, the Devil rocks, you get one shot at survival with Silent House and Dark Shadows returns.

Serve up some fear at the Horror Café, Matinee recalls horrors from the past, Lucio Fulci unleashed vampires with Barbara Bouchet and read up on some Horror Confidential and Notes From The Underground.

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