Thursday, February 2, 2012

P.H.J. 101 GroBer Hund

From Hasegawa Hobby Kits’ Series MK05 comes its Maschinen Krieger, Strahl Demokratische Republik P.H.J. 101 GroBer Hund, 1:20 Scale Humanoid Unmanned Interceptor model kit.

Fashioned after the infamous AFS, the model kit is a high-tech mobile weapon bristling with armor and armament bringing a whole new level of destruction to the battlefield.

Roughly humanoid in appearance, the Interceptor is a veritable one man army with its heavy armor, various weapons and unswerving drive to battle.

The model kit parts come on 13 part trees. Parts detach easily with little or no flashing-trim work is at a minimum. Glue, paint and decal application is necessary but with the enclosed detailed instruction none should be a problem. Once completed the Interceptor stands freely on its own and makes and impressive display.

The Interceptor comes packaged in an unconventional box consisting of non-gloss card stock. The illustration of the Interceptor on the front looks slightly dull which fits perfectly with its military use.

The entire package gives the impression of a standard issue military supply box-pretty clever.

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