Friday, February 3, 2012

Star Trek: The Rings Of Time

I love reading or watching time travel stories. I love the original Star Trek TV series. So, it should come as no surprise if you combine the two together I’m in sci-fi heaven.

All five of the Star Trek TV series and movies involved time travel at one point or another. But, to me, the original series did it best. Who can forget the classic City On The Edge Of forever?

In the new Pocket Books Star Trek novel: The Rings Of Time, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise once again have to deal with time travel and its repercussions throughout the time stream.

While on a rescue mission to save a mining colony stationed on one of the moons of a ringed planet almost identical to our own Saturn, the Enterprise encounters a strange space buoy. The buoy appeared just as the planet’s rings began to deteriorate.

Beaming the buoy aboard, Captain Kirk touches it and is immediately transported to the past where a similar incident is happening to Saturn.

Switching bodies with one of the crew members of the first spacecraft to explore Saturn, Kirk finds himself trapped in the past while the crew member of the Saturn spaceship finds himself in the far future.

The Earth crew of the past had witnessed the same alien probe as Saturn’s rings contracted. One of their crew went to investigate the alien probe, touched it, and…..

Both Kirk and the Saturn mission crew member find themselves trapped, in another person’s body, with no way of knowing how to return safely to their own times, who sent the probe and why both ringed planets’ rings began to decay.

The Rings Of Time is a rip-roaring romp through the corridors of time that delivers plenty of thrills, unexpected events and good old-fashioned fun. Rings Of Time is written by Greg Cox.

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