Friday, April 27, 2012

Buffalo, Cobra And Honda

If you have the 'need for speed' then Hasegawa Hobby Kits has just the models for you: two airplanes and one motorcycle.

Get twice the aircraft for your money when you purchase Hasegawa's F2A-2/3 Buffalo U.S. Navy/Marine (2 kits) Limited Edition. Choose you paint scheme and decals.

In 1939 the Buffalo beat out the Wildcat to become the Navy's first fighter aircraft.  Although the feisty little aircraft didn't quite live up to expectations it still generated enough interest to make it a mainstay in several other countries air forces.

Several changes were made to the aircraft to improve its performance when it entered Navy service.  However the craft proved too heavy, under-performed and was easily shot down by faster Japanese Zeroes.  After a short stint with the Marines the aircraft retired from U.S. service.  It did however find new life overseas, primarily in Finland. 

Equipped with heavy armor and additional fuel tank the Buffalo had little firepower.  Not a large aircraft, it did boast retractable landing gear, a sleek (yet small) body and a distinctive profile.  Scaled at 1:72, the Buffalo model requires glue, paint and decal application.  Parts detach easily from part trees with little or no flashing and fit snuggly together with minimal fuss.

The 1/48 Scale P-39Q Air Cobra Thompson Trophy Race Limited Edition aircraft is a yellow bullet with its sleek aerodynamic design, four blade prop and air scoop mounted behind the cockpit.

Like the Buffalo the Cobra model requires glue, decals and assembly.  Easy to follow instructions make assembly uncomplicated and parts detach cleanly from part trees with little flashing and minimal trimming.

The P-39Q Air Cobra was made for the Army.  The engine was installed behind the cockpit (thus the air scoop) and a cannon fired through the propeller.  Its unusual design, that included a tricycle landing configuration, did create problems and thus hindered its performance.

Despite several modifications the aircraft proved unreliable.  It did show up in air shows years later with its original configuration and won The Thompson Trophy Race.

For some land base speed be sure to check out Hasegawa's 1/12 Scale Scot Racing Team Honda RS250RW 2007 Limited Edition motorcycle model. This crotch rocket performs at incredible speeds and with its wraparound design the driver and vehicle become practically one unit.

Packed out with a V-2, liquid cooled, telescopic suspension and oversize rear tires this baby can fly!  The winner of scores of competitions, the Team Honda RS250RW is a black and yellow ball of lightning as it races around the track to victory!

The model kit parts come on several trees and belts and tires are rubber.  This ain't no little kid model.  It takes a steady hand and expertise to make this model the way it should be made.  Do you have the skills?