Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Secret Service

What a combination! Edgy writer Mark Millar of Kick Ass, Superior, Super Crooks and Nemesis fame and artist Dave Gibbons (Watchmen artist extraordinaire) combine their considerable talents to produce a new ICON/Marvel Comics title: The Secret Service.

The story starts off with what appears to be a very James Bond like scenario-the rescue of a high-ranking kidnap victim. All goes well until a parachute goes bad--killing both the rescued and the rescuer.

Back in London two things are happening simultaneously. Young Gary has become fed up with his mother and her unsavory friends and decides to take a joy ride with his friends in a stolen car. They crash in a police pursuit and are arrested. Meanwhile Gary’s uncle: Jack London, is meeting with a member of the “Department” about the botched rescue mission. In the middle of their conversation he receives a text message. His sister is asking him to intervene in the arrest of his nephew Gary.

After an uncomfortable confrontation with his sister and nephew, Jack makes arrangements to free his nephew from police custody.

After Gary’s release Jack follows him back as he meets with his ruffian friends. An idea then strikes Jack and his and Gary’s lives will never be the same.

Leave it to writer Mark Millar to set in motion a story that captivates readers from the get-go. Dave Gibbon’s art is superb and together both he and Mark Millar manage to create an intriguing premise in one issue. Lots of questions are raised and I can’t wait for the answers.

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