Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weapons, Horror And Horses

Schiffer Publishing serves up a trio of new titles that cover a wide range of subjects and collectibles.

For you warrior wannabes out there you have got to check out the awesome new book by Vic Diehl and Hermann Hampe entitled. Weapons Of Warrior: Famous Antique Swords Of TheNear East.

If you love knives, swords and all things with sharp edges then this is the book for you.

In a stunning photographic study of historic and prestigious Arabic and Turkish swords the authors pain-stakingly chronicle each and every sword in minute detail. Close-up photos examine each and every angle of the swords including inscriptions, handles, cutting edges, flourishes and more.

The authors were given priority attention as they examined the collections at the Askeri Military Museum in Istanbul, Turkey and an international team of writers provided historical and technical information on each sword. It is an impressive piece of work that collectors, historians and students are sure to cherish.

Hartland Horses: New Model Horses Since 2000 is the latest work from author and collector Gail Fitch.

Hartland Horses went into production in the 1940s and instantly became a hit with kids and collectors. The much sought after equine figures continued into production until the 1990s and unfortunately because of various reasons ceased production.

In 2000 the figures returned and are once again collector favorites. This new book examines the over 300 horse produced since that time with descriptions, values, color photos and various editions.

Horse lovers, toy collectors and kids are sure to enjoy looking through this thoroughly researched book filled with photos of beautifully sculpted and painted figures.

People pay big money each year to be frightened out of their wits at movies. Horror films have been around since the early part of the last century and are loved by millions.

In John Edgar Browning’s new book, Graphic Horror: Movie Monster Memories, readers are given a guided tour through the decades via photos of some of the most terrifying movies ever created.

Using archive posters, placards and other promotion material the author, with the aid of horror writers, editors and other film professionals, offers insights into what makes a good horror film, Interviews, little known behind-the-scenes facts and professional observations make a fascinating journey through the bloody halls of cinematic horror. Do yourself and favor and don’t read this book alone at night.