Thursday, August 30, 2012

DC Comics New 52 Annuals

Has it really been one year!?  It’s hard to believe that DC Comics took a big chance one year ago and redid its entire universe of books starting over with 52 number one issues.

There were a lot of detractors and skepticism among fans but DC pulled it off and the entire DC Comics lineup of books have proven to be big sellers and DC got the creative kick it needed.

Personally the lion’s share of my comic book purchases is DC titles and I was pleased when DC announced that many of its new titles would be releasing their very first Annuals.

This past week five Annuals were released: Detective, Superman, Justice League International, Green Lantern and The Flash.  Each contains important pivotal stories that will affect the DC Universe in major ways.

In the Detective Annual Batman tackles the Black Mask who, or what, is not what readers will expect.  The Black Mask promises to be a major pain in the Dark Knight’s posterior for years to come.

In Superman’s first Annual, Superman faces a foe that is far more powerful than he ever imagined and who has been playing him like a super-puppet.

The Flash recounts how the Rogue’s got their powers and what it cost them and you’ll never guess who shows up in the final panel.

The Green Lantern Annual has two important events happening, both of which are unexpected and carry huge changes to the Green Lantern roster.

Justice League International’s Annual reveals a hidden traitor and Batman is given an ultimatum from and unexpected source.

All of the Annuals feature turning points in the DC Universe and should not be missed.