Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Drawing Basics And Video Game Art

Finally! Finally someone has come out with a video game book that emphasizes how important it is to be able to draw if you expect to design video games.

I’ve lost count of how many Commercial Art students I’ve taught that want to be video game designers that either can’t draw worth a lick or can’t understand why a background in illustration is vital in order to be a good video game designer.

Chris Solarski provides a classic cutting-edge lesson in art techniques that guarantee winning video game designs.

Published by Watson Guptill, Drawing Basics And Video Game Art starts out with the fundamentals.  Pencil techniques, perspective, lighting and all the other vital and important drawing techniques are covered, along with examples.

Moving on the book then covers advanced drawing techniques, lessons  about drawing the human figure, anatomy, the elements of design, character design, environment design, color, digital art and even provides information on how to assemble a professional portfolio and tips on what it takes to get a job.

Pages provide important information and showcase examples on how to draw along with professional illustrations used in games.

This is the book game designer hopefuls should use, study and apply what they learn.  Drawing and game design-they are intimately integrated.