Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flash And Fireworks

The web: internet, surfing, websites, HTML, Dreamweaver, CSS and on and on and on.  Aargh!

I am not an internet website designer.  I can do it but it does not come easy to me.  I need all the help I can get and I need it put in a simplified format that I can understand.  There is nothing worse than trying to understand any web technology when it is written in Geek language.

Thank God that Adobe Press has come out with two books that are written and formatted so a non-web head like me can understand them and use them.

I’m talking abut Adobe’s new Classroom In A Book books on Fireworks CS5 and Flash CS5.  I’m the first to admit that being uncomfortable and intimidated with both programs I tend to pooh-pooh and at any mention of their use in websites I’ve blown them off as ‘too much animation” or “I like a ‘clean’ and ‘easy-to-navigate’ website.” “Who needs all the distractions and needless bells and whistles both programs provide.”

I’m a fraud.  I want to use the programs, I want to understand them and become proficient with them and with the help of Adobe’s Classroom In A Book books on Flash and Fireworks I finally feel as if I can accomplish what I want.

Both books offer careful, concise and simple instructions laid out step-by-step that walk you through the programs. Screen captures and examples make each easier to understand and both include a DVD that provides projects, tutorials and other helpful information to train you to use the programs.

Now that’s my kind of books-written in ‘make it simple to understand’ language.  Watch out internet!  I’m armed and ready! Bring it on Fireworks and Flash!  With Adobe’s Classroom In A Book I’m ready to take you on!