Thursday, August 9, 2012

Funimation Five

Just in from Funimation are four new Anime DVDs (two complete series, two episode collections) and one Blu-ray full-length feature film.

First up is the hauntingly-beautiful, gothic-inspired, Trinity Blood Anime Classic Complete Series DVD set containing all 24 episodes.

Combining the best of sci-fi and the supernatural, Trinity Blood is set in the future where humans and vampires exist in an uneasy state.  Agents of the Church, who themselves are a bit creepy, fight the agents of evil a.k.a the vampires.  One agent, Abel Nightroad, has the chilling ability to transform into a ravenous killer beast whose sustenance is vampire blood.  OK, who are really the bad guys here?

Things go from bad to worse when a radical Archbishop decides to destroy Rome with a secret weapon.  Look for lots of traditional and CG animation, plenty of blood, explosions, resurrected dead and some amazing aerial dogfights.

If you love Gothic, Baroque, sci-fi and fantasy served up Anime style then you need to check out Trinity Blood.

Shangri-la Part One, Limited Edition introduces Kuniko, the messianic future leader of the Metal-Age and her mission to storm the gates of Atlas so that her people can share in the supposed benefits of paradise.

The Part One Limited Edition set also introduces key players in the series including Kuniko's grandmother, a hilarious transgender couple, the nefarious and treacherous Lady Ryoko and Lady Mikuno who can kill by her stare.

Shangri-la Part 2, Episodes 13 -24 continues the story set in the future where global warming has had devastating effects on Japan.  Two classes exist: the haves and have-nots.  One girl, Kuniko, is the catalyst to bring the two sides together despite the fact that the haves will do everything in their power to stop her.

Kuniko leads a rebellion against the haves' city of Atlas.  But when she learns that someone from her past may have been responsible for some of the crimes perpetrated by the citizens of Atlas she finds herself in a quandary as to her own identity.

Within the halls of Atlas an inner conflict sparks threatening to bring the city down from within.
Shonen Jump One Piece, Season Four, Voyage One contains episodes 206 through 217 and like the episodes before them they are hilarious!

Things start out with a bang as the Straw Hat Crew escape the 'invincible' navy island fortress of G-8 in their octopus balloon.

Unfortunately for them their balloon is damaged and they are forced to stay aloft while repairs are under way.  The balloon's air finally runs out, they crash in the ocean and continue on their voyage to the next port via the Grand Line.

They make landfall on an island where everything is longer than normal (you can see where this going).  Another pirate ship arrives and its captain challenges the the Straw Hat Crew with the winner taking the crew of the losers as their own.  Things heat up as the fate of the Straw Hat Crew weighs in the balance.

The full-length animated movie: Oblivion Island: Haruka And The Magic Mirror is a fantasy film young viewers are sure to love.

When Haruka follows a foxlike creature who she meets while searching for a mirror for her mother, the creature leads her to Oblivion Island the home of forgotten items.  

Her new friend, Teo, helps her look for her lost mirror that has fallen into the dastardly hands of the Baron- a greedy and selfish ruler, who wants to spread his power to the human world. 
Filled with fantasy creatures and fantastic vistas the animated film on Blu-ray is sure to be a big hit with kids and Anime lovers alike.

All of Funimation Anime DVDs and Blu-rays are produced in the highest quality with beautifully designed slip covers, stunning art and the very best in voice talent.  This is the way Anime should be done.