Thursday, August 16, 2012

Harry Potter, The Dark Knight And The Batmobile

If you've never taken the opportunity to read an Insight Editions book I highly suggest you do.  Insight produces books of the highest quality taking advantage of the latest printing and binding technology.  Case in point--or points---

---The Dark Knight Manual is a lush hardbound book that looks at the tools, weapons, vehicles and documents from the Batcave as seen in the last three Batman films.

The wraparound cover features a high-gloss varnish Batsymbol on a dull-black background complemented with a dull-copper color paper-strip decorated with high gloss color photos.
Inside color photos, diagrams, notes, blueprints, schematics and other technical information examine all of Batman's high-tech equipment.  Where does he get those marvelous toys?"

I know what it takes to produce such a high-end book and I can only say that I am impressed and in awe at the talent behind the book design along with the technical savvy it took to pull off such a book including the photos, schematics and the like as well.

Equally impressive is the Batmobile: The Complete History hardbound book from Mark Cotta Vaz, that looks back at the history of the Batmobile starting with the comic books, TV show and movies.

Witness the evolution of the most recognized vehicle in the world from its early clunky days of a plain sedan with a Batsymbol on its front bumper and grill to the ultra-sophisticated, technological wonder as seen in the last three Batman movies.  

Designers and movie personnel who worked on the various Batmobiles put in their two-cents worth as well as Batman comic book writers, artists and engineers.  

Close-up photos examine each vehicle front to back and showcase the state-of-the-art technology that helped to make each version of the famous automobile a reality.

If bats are not your thing and you want to put a little 'magic' in your life be sure to check out Insight's Harry Potter Poster Collection books: The Definitive Movie Posters and The Quintessential Images.

Both oversize books contain 40 removable posters printed full-bleed and full color front and back.  Poster pages are protected by heavy stock squarebound covers featuring high gloss photos printed on a dull coat heavy paper stock.  Both books make excellent additions to any Harry Potter collection.  They're wizard!