Friday, August 31, 2012

Jacksonville Jaguars Fox Robot

Actionheads Team Cleatus V2.0 presents a brand new and redesigned Fox Sport Robot fashioned after my hometown team: the Jacksonville Jaguars!  Go Jags!

I really like the new design with its angular and much more mechanized looks reminiscent of the recent Transformers style robots and Ironman's armor.  

Lower arms and upper legs and hips are teal while the chest, head, lower legs, upper arms and hands are black.

White shoes are fashioned after actual NFL football footwear with black accents and soles.
Articulation is impressive with full movement of legs, arms, torso, legs, feet and head.  The figure is free-standing and can be posed in hundreds of action football stances.

Its angular robotic look is intimidating and massive.  Huge shoulder pads are decorated with FOX logos while the equally powerful chest has a Jaguars team logo.

I especially like the head with its swivel neck and iridescent deep blue eyes that peer out from under its black helmet.

Hands are clenched, feet bend slightly and with its swivel hips and exposed arm and legs joints it gives the figure a menacing look.

The packaging is as impressive as the figure.  The large rectangular display box has a clear front panel and the robot is held in place by molded-to-fit transparent shells for the upper and lower body.

Behind the robot is a full-length electrified platform photo. On the back of the box are stats and info about the futuristic robot's capabilities and accessories.

The figure is safe for ages four and above and features nicely molded parts with no flashing, snug fits and secure joints.  Color and details are both topnotch and articulation points are tight enough to allow the robot to stand and pose without being too tight to move.

It's a great robot and makes a welcome addition to any football fan's collection of memorabilia and a fun toy for kids to play with.