Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Science Fiction Universe...And Beyond

If you've been reading my reviews each day then you know that I am a HUGE science fiction fan-especially of TV shows and movies.

Universe Publishing has pushed all right buttons with its new The Science Fiction Universe...And Beyond book the SyFy Channel Book Of Sci-Fi.

I am in absolute sci-fi Shangri-La!  This oversize hardbound book is a must-have for any science fiction fan!

Chapters are broken down thus: Early Days And Nightmares, Exploration Of Space, What Have We Wrought?, Space And Relative Time, Medium With A Message, A New Beginning, Alternate Times, Alternate Realities, Aliens Among Us and The Science Fiction Culture.  

Chapters spotlight key movies and TV shows and delve deeply into each phenomenon along with similar films and shows of the same sub genre.

A full Appendix Of Films And Television is included along with an Index and an Introduction by Thomas P. Vitale of the SyFy Channel.

Pages are filled with archival black and white and color photos (some never or seldom seen before) along with informative text that explains each type of show or movie.  I plan on looking over this book time and time again Wait, wasn't that the title of a sci-fi movie?