Thursday, August 16, 2012

Voyager, ANA And Union Jack

I gotta admit, Hasegawa Hobby Kits has an uncanny ability to take vehicles of all sorts and make some pretty impressive model kits out of them. For example:

The Unmanned Space Probe Voyager was launched over 30 years ago.  By now it is far outside our galaxy and headed into deep space.  Its mission was to scout out and attempt to contact life out in the universe.

You may remember that it was the subject of the first Star Trek movie.  Voyager had collided with an alien space probe, got its electronic brains scrambled and was headed back to earth as V’ger.

I’ve always been fascinated by space travel and Voyager was man’s first attempt to discover life on other planets.
The Voyager model is a perfect replica of its giant namesake.  Every knob, button, panel, antennae, switch, relay and detail is faithfully reproduced.  Paint, glue and assembly instructions make the model a ‘snap’ to put together.  Once assembled it can be displayed on an Earth motif stand giving it the appearance of floating in space.

Parts detach easily from the part trees with minimal or no flashing and glue together snuggly with no gaps or mismatched edges.
I love commercial aircraft, especially large commercial aircraft.

The ANA BOEING 787-8 aircraft is a marvel of modern technology with its twin wing mounted jet engines, swept back wing design and long tubular body design.

The snug cockpit is smoothly integrated into the fuselage and three wheel assemblies fold up into the fuselage giving the aircraft the appearance as one single integrated unit.

The aircraft can be displayed with wing flaps extended and landing gear in place.  Paint, decal and assembly instructions make assembling the 1:200 Scale model a breeze. Five part trees come in the kit and large decals make wing and fuselage decoration easy.

Hasegawa’s Mini Cooper Countryman All4 “Union Jack is a red, white and blue four-door bullet that shouts British pride.  Union Jack flags decorate the roof, mirrors and small side decorations.

A Limited Editor model, the Union Jack may be painted in British Jack colors or in a simple white and black motif with checkered roof, mirrors and side panel d├ęcor. 

Rubberlike wheels can be turned for display Look for chrome wheels, mirrors, light clusters, door handles and chrome strips.  Six part trees hold body, chrome and window parts that detach easily and cleanly with no muss or fuss. Decals let modelers customize their choice of Union Jack or black and white versions.  Either way the Mini Cooper model from Hasegawa is a big hit.