Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 continues the first-person perspective storyline from Borderlands from Gearbox Software and 2K Games

Set on Pandora, a monster plagued wasteland/apocalyptic planet, Borderlands 2 has upped the ante when it comes to exploring and exploiting an alien world.

Looting it’s the name of the game whether you do it solo or with friends.  Borderlands 2 provides gamers with new weapons, lots of stats and variations of game play depending on the weapons chosen.

Choose to be an Assassin, Commando, Siren or Gunzerker each with their own particular skill and weaponry.  If players choose to be in the same class Borderlands 2 allows them to slightly modify and customize their characters into unique individuals.

Smart players will include variations of each class in groups to best explore and ransack the planet.  Strength in numbers is always the best strategy.  But, groups must share the loot and whoever gets there first attains the prize which is bound to cause some ruckus among members of looting parties. While weaponry has expanded, vehicles are much the same as in Borderlands.

Borderlands 2 has improved in its storytelling aspect and with a tighter story comes downright hilarious moments and spine-chilling dangers the next.  Voice talent is well matched with characters and Borderlands 2’s cell-shaded textures give the series the look of an animated comic book.

Environments have improved with expansive variation from anything from desserts to frozen tundra’s. Game play is fast, fun and filled with lots of visual and story surprises.  Characters move seamlessly from sequence to sequence with tight integration in environments.  

Visual effects such as dust, smoke, etc. look realistic while the sound effects, dialogue and soundtrack all combine to make Borderlands 2 a sequel well worth waiting for.

I was especially impressed by the character interactions (even minor characters chime in) the stunning variation in environments and beautifully rendered visual vistas.

Players can spend literally hours upon hours exploring Pandora.  New things to see and hear are around ever bend and corner and character interplay includes some hilarious dialogue, genuinely touching moments and excellent scripted lines.