Monday, September 24, 2012

Bots, Borgs And Troopers

Why do I suddenly feel like its the early 1990s? Shout Factory! has just released three new DVD collections, two of which harken back to the 1990s.

VR Troopers, Season One, Volume One collects one of the first children's live action TV series that takes kids into a virtual computer world.

The DVD collection contains the first 26 episodes of the action-packed series.  In it three ordinary teens travel to a virtual world transformed into three super-powered superheroes.  
They battle the evil alter-ego of a ruthless industrialist bent on world domination.
Look for lots of martial arts mayhem and wacky villains in VR Troopers.  

Big Bad Beetleborgs, Season One, Volume One collects 27 episodes of the explosive live-action kid's show about three teens who get their wildest dreams granted.  Exploring an old haunted house on a dare the three teens meet a magical spirit who turns them into the mighty Beetleborgs!

But wishes come at a price because the wacky magical spirit accidentally releases a long-imprisoned Vexor and his evil minions.  It's up to the teens and their spirit friend to stop him by using their superpowers and amazing vehicles.

Get ready to see the Transformers like you've never seen them before! 

In Transformers Rescue Bots the mechanized heroes transform into, you guessed it. rescue vehicles.

Given the mission to observe humanity and offer aid, the Rescue Bots disguise themselves as rescue vehicles and take up residence with a family of first responders.  Together they fight fires, floods and all sorts of man made and natural disasters.  The Rescue Bots learn what it means to truly be heroes.

Five episodes are included in the collection along with the premiere episode and coloring sheets.