Friday, September 21, 2012

Fenton, Patriotic And Star Wars

The Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition of Schiffer Publishing’s new Fenton Art Glass: A Centennial Of Glass Making 1907-2007 And Beyond, written and compile by Debbie and Randy Coe, is an encyclopedic piece of work.

Browsing through its colorful pages I was struck by how many of the pieces looked familiar to me.  My Mom was a huge collector (the proper term would be a pack rat) and she literally had hundreds of the pieces listed.

Who would of thought that workaday, inexpensive knick knacks would wind up being so popular (and expensive) with collectors?  Go figure.

The 2nd Edition book is chock full of color photographs of the different glass work in all of its varied styles.  Prices are listed alongside each piece and several Fenton Art Glass collectors offer a few observations-especially since it was announced as the book was going into production that Fenton would be ceasing its art glass product line-a sad note to collectors.

I still remember as a young boy watching the 4th of July parade down the main street of my home town.  Veterans from several wars proudly wore their military uniforms and patriotism filled the air.  Back then love of country and being proud to be an American was not uncommon.  It wasn’t until the turbulent 1960s and the winding down of the Vietnam War that Americans began to question their government and patriotism.

Governments fail, the love of freedom does not.  I still love my country, salute the flag, bow my head when the National Anthem is played and respect our military.  Our country is going through tough times and a little patriotism on both sides of the political isle couldn’t hurt.

In America’s Patriotic Holidays: An Illustrated history from Schiffer and written and compiled by John Wesley and Sandra Lynn Thomas, the red, white and blue shine through.

From the earliest days of our independence patriotic items of all types are lovingly reproduced in photographic form.  Pages are packed with patriotic paraphernalia, placards, postcards, posters and printed pieces.  It’s a regular Uncle Sam yard sale!

If you love your country, if you have a patriotic bone left in your body, if you bleed red, white and blue then America’s Patriotic Holidays is the book you need-it’s the patriotic thing to do!

I know over the last 35 years since Star Wars hit the Silver Screen that a lot of Star Wars toys have been produced.  I just never realized how many until I picked up Geoffrey T. Carlton’s new book from Schiffer: Star Wars Toys: A Super Collector’s Wish Book.

Star Wars fans are in for a visual treat as they flip through this massive new compilation of full color photographs of each and every Star Wars toy, game, toy premium and action figure collection from all over the world.

Besides providing photographs of regular retail items the book also includes special editions, chase figures and what you can expect to pay for each item in or out of its package.  This book contains a galaxy of goodies, a universe of unbelievable merchandise and solar system selection of Star Wars gotta-haves.  

Figures, games, plush, vehicles, retail premiums, send away for, trading cards-you name it, this book has it! Save up your pennies, because you are going to need them.