Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rawhide The Fifth Season Volumes 1 & 2

Actor, director and writer Clint Eastwood created quite a ruckus when he performed a speech at the recent Republican National Convention.  His ‘invisible Obama in a chair’ routine received both rants and raves amongst Republicans and Democrats.  
So popular was his speech that the video went viral and started a whole new Clint Eatwoodian craze.
Long before Clint became famous for such movies as Dirty Harry and The Man With No Name, he was a young struggling actor on the hit TV Western series Rawhide.
He, along with other cast members, portrayed cowboys and trail hands escorting huge numbers of cattle across the rough and dangerous West.  Along the way they encountered rustlers, conmen, thieves, murderers, Indians and every other conceivable type of dangerous situation imaginable back in the Old West.
Colorful characters populate each and every episode filled with danger, romance and adventure.  It’s the Old West as it was in true life: wild and unpredictable.
Paramount continues its DVD series that collects all of the episodes from the classic Western series Rawhide.  This time it’s the Complete Fifth Season in two volumes.  For the best in Western TV series be sure to check out Rawhide-it’s as rough and rowdy as its name suggests.