Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fangoria #318, November

Welcome to the 2nd Big Fangoria Halloween Special.  In this issue things get finger linkin’ good in Excision, some rare Hammer Film interviews are uncovered, get ready for a sexy shocker and Pink Flamingos celebrates 40 year of filth.  

A free Hammer Horror poster is included, go behind the scenes of the new Silent Hill: Revelation film Paranormal Activity 4 hits, exhume some old 35mm horror films, witness a different type of hunger game with Famine and get ready to vamp it up.

Jack & Diane make for an unusual couple, Damon Packard has such a deal and look back at The Little Shop Of Horrors.  The Man With The Iron Fists steels himself for horror and Mr. Jones makes his own monsters. Walk with the dead, return to sender, descend into the Netherworld and Doug Bradley talks Hellraiser.