Friday, October 19, 2012

Steampunk Supreme!

Why is it that Steampunk is so popular but only one comic book company produces titles dedicated to the phenomenon?

Antarctic Press has a cornucopia of comic books spotlighting the lifestyle and fashion genre that covers everything from live photos, to horror, to comedy to swimsuits and fashion.

Gearhearts Steam-Punk Glamor Revue #3 and #4 are filled with full color photo spreads of some deliciously delightful Steampunk attired beauties complete with gadgets, guns and gear.  

 I’ve reviewed previous issues of this title before and I encourage Steampunk fans to pick it up.
Included with the photos are bios of the beauties, illustrations and much more.

Steam Craft #1 by artist/writer David Hutchinson takes Steampunk in a new direction and places it on the ocean where man meets monster and horror haunts the high seas.  Check out Mr. Hutchinson’s amazing story and how he has modified his own unique art style to emulate Victorian art.

Steampunk Swimsuit #1 and Girls Of Steampunk #1 both include clever stories of humor and adventure.  But the real treat is the art provided by some of the industry’s top Steampunk artists.  Feast you eyes and let off a little ‘steam’.