Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Heian Maru

Measuring a whopping 18.36 inches the Hasegawa Model Kit 1:350 Scale IJN Submarine Depot Ship Heian Maru  comes in 360 pieces.  All are mounted on large part trees, except the split hull and larger pieces.  Each piece is tightly crafted with attention given to the minutest detail (hull plates and rivets anyone!)

Parts detach easily from part trees and with the easy-to-follow assembly instructions you'll have your very own Japanese WWII passenger liner/cargo/submarine depot ship assembled, painted and decaled in no time.  Choose from two decal options (1st or 8th Fleet).

The photo-etched  parts are molded in either gray or clear and fit together snuggly with no flashover of rough or loose edges.

Originally built to be a passenger line and cargo ship the Heian Maru was outfitted and armed just before the outbreak of the war and became a submarine depot ship.  Mainly used as a transport and cargo ship the Heian Maru was sunk in the Truk Lagoon after being struck five times by explosives.

The model kit duplicates the functional ship right down to its deck plating with guns, railings, cargo hoists, cables, a windowed bridge, scaffolding, anchors, lifeboats and all the other equipment included on the original ship.  

The Limited Edition ship model comes in large box with a full-color painting of the ship in port tending a submarine.

The single smoke stack ship model also comes with dual gold display stands so model lovers can view the entire ship stem to stern and below the waterline.   The Heian Maru model is sure to become a prized addition to any modeler's collection-it is to mine.