Thursday, January 24, 2013

Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

This is it!  The final chapter in the animated adaptation of the award-winning, comic book mini-series by artist/writer Frank Miller: DC Comics' Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2.

After defeating the Mutants in the first part of the series, Batman settles in to guide his new dominions-the reformed Mutants who now follow Batman to protect Gotham City.

Unknown to Batman the institutionalized and catatonic Joker has revived and is out for blood.  Duping his counselor, the Joker finagles a guest spot on a local talk show to 'atone' for his sins and to offer his point of view about his former crime spree.

The Joker kills the entire studio audience, including the host, with his toxic laugh gas and sets out to destroy Batman.

Ultimately the two clash and Batman is forced to kill the Joker. Batman's tactics catch the attention of the government and the President's errand boy: Superman.

Superman is dispatched to 'resolve' the problem and what results is a one-on-one battle between Batman and Superman. Batman trounces Superman but at the cost at his own heart giving out.  Batman dies and as he does explosions take out Wayne Manor, Alfred dies and to all appearances so does the Batman legacy. Or does it?

Part 2 delivers some of the best action and excitement that I've seen in an animated movie in years.  Like the comic book mini-series the two-part adaptation is sure to become a classic and it's all courtesy of DC Comics and Warner Bros.

The Blu-ray/DVD/ Ultraviolet Combo Pack includes the Part 2 movie, a digital excerpt from the mini-series, several featurettes, three bonus cartoons, a preview of the upcoming Superman: Unbound animated film and more.