Friday, April 5, 2013

Doctor Who Clock, Watch, Bank and Tardis

Time.  As I've grown older I have become more and more aware of the passage of time.  I've come to realize just how precious it is and how important it is to use each and every moment wisely.  I'm slowly re-educating myself to take the time and "smell the roses" as it were.  Things that used to upset me or unnerve me in my earlier days seem so trivial now.
Earlier pursuits of wealth, power, prestige and fame have faded by the wayside.  I paraphrase, "It is certain that we bring nothing into this world and it is certain we take nothing out."

Like others there are times when I wish I could travel back in time and correct past mistakes or travel to the future to see if my life had any affect on future societies.  Time travel is impossible of course but it's fun to imagine and that's the reason I enjoy watching the BBC's Doctor Who series.

Try to  imagine being an immortal Time Lord like the Doctor and traveling the cosmos and through time in your Tardis.  It makes for great fun and exciting stories each episode.

As equally exciting is the plethora of Doctor Who merchandise produced by Underground Toys.  Recently four new pieces of merchandise were released and each and every one is a masterpiece of merchandise magic.  Handsomely packaged in Doctor Who blue packages each piece provides full-color photos of the items enclosed-items that are securing packed and bound so as to avoid any damage-a practice other companies need to emulate.

The Doctor Who clock has been reviewed in this site before but it need repeating.  Shaped like the Tardis, the Bank emits recognizable Doctor Who sounds and provides a lit-up clock face or the option of projecting the time on any nearby wall!  It's really quite clever and is not to be missed.

Other Doctor Who merchandise includes the Doctor Who Tardis Ceramic Clock.  Beautifully molded and painted, the Bank is sized to fit coins from the USA, the UK and Australia.  Take the 'time' to save a few coins."

Next up is the Tardis Dematerializing Mini Set that emulates the Tardis as it fades from view and becomes translucent then transparent.  Made of small plastic squares that assemble to make the Tardis, the set also comes with two mini-figures of the eleventh Doctor Who and Amy Pond.

Be sure to not 'lego' of this set.  Both small figures are articulated, molded and colored to look like their character namesakes.  The Doctor even carries a Sonic Screwdriver!

The last set (and my favorite) is the Doctor Who Dalek Whizz Watch.  

The colorful digital watch is far more than meets the eye!  Besides keeping perfect time the watch is also a remote control for a detachable Dalek that moves about with a few moves of the watch.  Watch it scurry about as you control its every move.

Clip the Dalek to the watch.  Detach it and connect it to its own key ring with base or reattach the Dalek to the watch's strap!  Colored blue and black both the watch and Dalek are highly-detailed, rugged and a whole lot of fun to use and play with!