Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flash, Pulse-Pounding and Shadows

From Mill Creek Entertainment comes three new DVD collection packed with action, intrigue, excitement and most frightening of all, one of them is not fiction but fact.
All 22 episodes of the Flash Gordon TV series come in a new DVD collection.  Follow Flash Gordon and his friends as they discover themselves to be the last line of defense against the forces of Ming the Merciless.  For intergalactic espionage and warfare no one does it better than the original space hero: Flash Gordon!

For the action film fan comes Mill Creek’s 8 Movie Collection of Pulse-Pounding Flicks. Get ready for lots of guns, explosions, hand-to-hand combat and action like you’ve never seen them before.  Starting with The Replacement Killers: the story of a hitman with a conscience, to The Hunt For Eagle One: Crash Point where terrorists attack the collection of films never lets up on the excitement.

Other films include Truth or Consequences, N.M., Love Lies Bleeding, The Point Men, The Contractor, Face of Terror and Blood Crime.

From make-believe movie violence and bloodshed comes the real-life terror of the WWII Nazi horror with Secrets Of War: Shadows Of The Third Reich.

Ten episodes narrated by Charles Heston recount the chronicle of the secrets and strategies of the most evil empire ever to exist.

Learn about Hitler’s Secrets, Secret Weapons, Nazi Propaganda, Nazi Gold, Rommel’s Enigma, the Holocaust, battle and Hitler’s last days.  It all here in a chilling collection of archival clips, re-enactments and interviews that will send a chill up your spine-because they actually happened!