Friday, May 3, 2013

Greatest Battles and Heroes and Villains

From Rittenhouse Archives comes two new Trading Card Sets that feature 24 Packs per Box with five Cards per Pack.  Each Set of Cards is printed high quality gloss or mat paper with full-color artwork and photos. 

They are Marvel Greatest Battles and Star Trek: The Original Series Heroes & Villains.

For the first time ever the a Rittenhouse Marvel Trading Card set is guaranteed to have a 2-Card Sketch Puzzle (10 available)included per box.  Seventy two cards makes up the Base Set (I received a full Set) with lots of cool Bonus Cards available.
They include:

  • 90-Card “Red” Parallel Base Set 
  • 90-Card “Gold” Parallel Base Set
  • 18 Avengers Vs. X-Men Cards (I received 8)
  • 9 Battle Scars Cards (2 for me)
  • 9 Gold Plastic cards (1)
  • 2 Case Topper Cards 

How can you lose when you get one Double Autograph Card and one Autograph Card per Box guaranteed in the new Star Trek: The Original Series Heroes & Villains Trading Card series?

One Hundred Cards make up the Base Set and lots of cool Bonus Cards are randomly inserted.
Look for:  
  • 100-Card Parallel Set (8 for me)
  • 12-Card Star Trek Tribute Expansion Cards (4)
  • 9-Card Epic Battles Cards (2)
  • 9-Card "Mirror/Mirror" Cards (1)
  • 7-Card Bridge Crew Shadowbox Cards (1-Kirk)
Case Incentive cards are also available.