Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paul McCartney Archive Collection: Wings Over America Remastered

Growing up in the 1960s The Beatles was my favorite group.  Of The Beatles Paul McCartney was my favorite mop top.
When The Beatles broke up I continued to follow Paul’s solo career with such albums as RAM and McCartney.

In the early 1970s Paul and his wife Linda gathered together a band of friends and thus was born the band Wings.

With Wings Paul was able to churn out small personal songs and strong and powerful group songs.  The album Band On The Run was the cream of Wings collaboration and at the height of the group’s popularity Paul and Wings toured America performing an appropriately named concert: Wings Over America.

Concord Music Group presents the completely remastered Wings Over America collection with its new Paul McCartney Archive Collection: Wings Over America containing two-discs.

Contained on the discs are such McCartney, Wings and Beatles classics performed live by Wings.  Included with the disc collection is a Wings pictorial booklet all packaged in an attractive two-sleeve CD holder.

Relive the 1970s with the hottest group of that time period with the Paul McCartney Archive Collection: Wings Over America.