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Monday, July 22, 2013

Abrams M1A1 Tank and '90 Mustang LX 5.0

The Ford Mustang has always been a big favorite of car enthusiasts.  While managing to retain the 'Mustang feel' the car has changed body style, size and look over the decades since it was first introduced.
Originally a sporty mini-muscle, pony car the Mustang grew up with its original purchasers.
From sports to midsize to luxury sedan the Mustang has grown from a pony to a full stallion.

In  1990 Mustang took on one its most unusual appearances transforming from a mini-pony car to a mid-size sedan the looked very little like its original configuration.

Appearance aside the Mustang became a police department favorite-mostly because of its non-descript appearance and powerful engine and dependabililty.

Revell Models has just released a new 2' n 1 model that showcases the '90 Mustang LX 5.0 as a two-door, baby blue sedan and a black and white, two-door Highway Patrol cruiser.

Requiring a Level 3 model-making skill level the 1:25 Scale two-car plastic model kit is also a Special Edition guaranteed to make it a much sought after collectible.

As part of Ford's 'Fox' platform Mustang series the LX 5.0 offered mucho horsepower for the dinero, without the high sticker price.  

Powered by a V-8 engine, the LX 5.0 is a lot of Mustang muscle without all the frills.
The 2' n 1 model allows modelers to dress the kit out as street sedan with full interior and exterior details, a hood that opens to reveal an impressive engine, a uniform body style, chrome hubcaps, minimal trim and body molded lights.

The State Trooper configuration includes a Police light bar, a modified shock system, full decals and much more.  Either way you choose t configure you LX 5.0 is sure to please.  Parts detach easily from part trees, glue, decal and assembly instructions make assembling the model easy and best of all once completed the model looks great.

For the novice modeler comes the Snap Tite, Level 1, 1:25 Scale Abrams M1A1 Tank that recreates the powerful military tank in stunning full detail.  

Parts simply 'snap' together, no paint is required and modelers have a fully-functional tank on treads with swivel ordnance and military model that rivals any authentic militarily model ever produced.  

Ready, aim and fire-with this model, you can't miss.