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Monday, July 29, 2013

Animals, Secrets, Lincoln, War, Benji, Terror, Border, Shameless, Prize, Gangster, Korean, Kung Fu, Shaolin and Liberty

Mill Creek Entertainment has really outdone itself with its newest batch of DVD releases.  In all the years I've been reviewing Mill Creek DVDs I have never seen so many DVDs released at once covering such a diverse range of subjects.
I love animals of all types.  Our family has two cats, two dogs and a Bearded Dragon.  We're fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood close to a creek and it's not uncommon to see raccoons, armadillos, possums, a huge variety of birds, squirrels and the occasional odd critter roaming the neighborhood.

For seven hours of pure animal entertainment be sure to pick up a copy of Mill Creek's new Animals Great and Small nature documentary collections that examine The Secret Life of Birds, Shark Divers and The Amazing World of Dinosaurs.  Living or extinct animals are fascinating as to their habits, instincts, habitats and the legends that follow them.

From the sublime and peaceful to the dark and dangerous comes the complete 65 episode series of the Secrets of War.  Learn about how bloody conflicts throughout history have radically changed the world.

Discover the real stories behind the military conspiracies and cover-ups that have shaped our world.  Narrated by the late Charlton Heston.

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the people.  His heart and soul ached for the nation, its hardships and the unrest and turbulence created by the Civil War.

Over 19 hours on seven discs profile the Great Emancipator from his early days to his untimely death after the Civil War.  Discover the man behind the myth in three thrilling documentaries.

Mention Lincoln and you must talk about The War, the Civil War documentary that examines the war between the states that nearly destroyed America.  

Learn how America became divided, the plight of the slaves and the bloodiest war ever staged by the United States.  History comes alive as three Civil War documentaries closely examine America divided.

I'd mentioned that I love animals and one of the most beloved animals to ever star in a series of movies is Benji the lovable mutt with the heart of gold.

All four Benji movies come complete in this new collection from Mill Creek that bring Joe Camp's Benji to your living room.  Get ready for cute.

It doesn't take much to scare me and Mill Creek's new 8 Movie Collection: Terror Theater, promises to deprive me of sleep.

Look for Hostel, Hostel II, The Tattooist, The BTK Killer, Hollow Man, Hollow Man 2, Fortress 2 and The Harvest.  Anyway you slice it, Terror Theatre cuts to heart of horror.

There's been a lot of news lately about securing America's borders.  Learn just how hard such a task is in The Complete First Season of The Border where in a world divided by fear, they hold the line.  

More than stopping illegal immigrants from entering the country, Customs Security must face off against terrorists, enemy agents, illegal drug operations and much more.  Special features include a cast and crew documentary and a behind-the-scenes featurette.

Leave it to the UK to come up with an award-winning comedy about a dysfunctional family that audiences love.  Seasons 1 & 2 of Shameless takes on the Gallaghers the most unapologetic, funny and off-the-wall families ever to grace the small screen.

It's about the money, oil and power in The Prize the 8-part TV mini-series that examines the rise of the oil empires in the United States and how the oil moguls shaped and sculpted the USA and its people to fit their own unique vision of America and the world.  

The world is one big oil reserve and only the most ruthless, persistent and cunning businesses reap the prize.  It's the ultimate Hunger Games.

Another kind of empire decidedly less subtle is the Gangster Empire.  The 6-part series follows the saga, bloodshed, betrayal and big business of The Mob from its early days during the Prohibition to its evolution into the Godfather empire of crime we know of today.

One of my favorite TV series is M.A.S.H. set during the Korean War. It follows the exploits of the doctors and nurses of the 4077 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.

I was born the year the Korean War ended and it has always held a fascination for me. 
The Korean War 60th anniversary Commmorative Documentary Collection comes on three discs.

Beginning with genesis of the war the documentary looks at the United States involvement, how the United Nations bungled the process of peace and the ultimate end of the conflict that still has North and South Korea divided to this day.

Two movie collections that are sure to set the hearts a twitter of martial arts movie fans are the two 12 Movie Sets: Flying Fists of Kung Fu and Kickin' It Shaolin Style

Get ready to chop, throw, kick, flip, smash, smack, twist, turn, cut, slice and fight with fists flying in these two martial arts mixtures of mayhem that will leave you breathless.
What better way for kids to learn history than through cartoons? 

And that's just what James and Sarah do as they travel back and time and explore The United States history in Liberty's Kids.