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Friday, July 19, 2013

Doctor Who The Complete Guide

I'm a huge fan of the Doctor Who TV series from the BBC.  The new Doctors (since #9) have all been awesome and the scripts never fail to delight and thrill.
As any Doctor Who fan will tell you this is the 50th Anniversary of the longest running science fiction show (or any TV show for that matter).

I first ran into the Doctor back in the 1970s when Tom Baker played the slightly befuddled and somewhat childish, scarf-wearing time traveler.

I had seen a few of the previous Doctor episodes and several after Tom left the series but it wasn't until the new relaunch of the series that I became a faithful viewer.

Still, there was an empty aching in the pit of my stomach.  I wanted to know more of the Doctor, his origin, his past adventures and where he had traveled and with who.

To be sure the information can be found on the web and in print but never in one place-until now.
Author Mark Campbell and Running Press have compiled the perfect 'catch-up on) guide for any new Doctor Who fan.

Doctor Who The Complete Guide gives a season-by-season breakdown of every episode including stories, cast, crew and more in short, concise descriptions that don't bog down the reader with heavy and ponderous exposition.

It's the perfect guide to the Doctor including audio, book, spin-offs, and missing episodes.