Monday, July 29, 2013

Molly Danger: Book One

Every once in a while a comic book comes along that takes the superhero genre to a whole new level.  Molly Danger: Book One is one of those books.

Molly is a super strong, fast and nearly invulnerable girl who fights Supermechs in Coopersville, New York.

Although she looks like a young teenage human girl she is actually an alien who survived a crash on Earth.

Molly hates being different and wants nothing more than to be a normal human being.  She craves companionship and misses her family terribly.

Part of the powerful crime fighting organization D.A.R.T. Molly is forbidden to associate with or fraternize with humans.  D.A.R.T. officials believe she is too dangerous and may hurt of kill humans accidentally.

When her new pilot arrives (Austin Briggs) she senses a kindred spirit.  Ignoring D.A.R.T protocol Austin befriends Molly and even brings her to his home to meet his family.  Big mistake!

All good intentions aside, Austin has set in motion events that threaten the lives of all he and Molly hold dear.  Meanwhile sinister forces are at work as orchestrated by the mysterious Father.

Molly Danger is a delightful new series that instantly draws the reader into Molly's world.  Writer/artist Jamal Igle has done an outstanding job both artistically and as a writer.

I predict that Molly Danger will become a fan favorite and that bright things are in store for this enjoyable new title from Action Lab Entertainment.