Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Robotech 2-Movie Collection

It was during the early 1980s and I was TV channel surfing. After flipping through a few stations I came across an unexpected scene.  One the TV screen was a space battle.  Huge spaceships, human and alien, were fighting it out in deep space.  A new Star Wars movie?  No.  It was animated-not the usual Saturday morning limited animation brain-mush, but complicated, detailed animation that was unlike anything I had ever seen before. 

Intrigued I sat and watched the entire episode.  When the credits ran I discovered the animated show was called Robotech.  "What in the heck is Robotech?", I thought.  "I want to see more of this!"

After the credits rolled an announcer came on and said the next episode would be showing the next day.  "Wait a minute!"  Are you telling me this is a series?"

Turns out it was and I managed to watch all of them, completely enthralled.

As it turned out Robotech was a Japanese Anime translated and formatted to suit American audiences.  I was hooked.

Many Robotech fans attribute Robotech for being responsible for introducing 'mature' Anime to American audiences.  I agree.

Lionsgate is proud to present a 2-Movie Collection containing the original Robotic Movie: Love Live Alive and a brand new Robotech movie: The Shadow Chronicles.

Both contain the drama, adventure, intrigue and stung artwork Robotech is famous for.  Old characters return, new ones are introduced along with new enemies, new technology, robots, incredible alien vistas, spectacular space battles, awe-inspiring technical marvels and much more.

Included with the 2-Movie Collection are several featurettes about the new film, art galleries, cast and crew interviews, deleted scenes, animatics, trailers and much, much more.
Robotech lives and Lionsgate has it.

ROBOTECH: 2-MOVIE COLLECTION "Scott & Ariel's Relationship"
Downloadable Link to all three clips below: