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Monday, July 8, 2013

Sea Of Sorrows

Cobiah Marriner has had a rough life.  Forced to work in order to take care of his younger sister (whom he dearly loves) he must contend with an abusive alcoholic mother and barely eking by. 
When a tragic accident takes the life of his sister, Cobiah is heartbroken and abandons his mother and sails away on a ship-as far away from his home port of Lion's Arch as he can.

But it seems bad fortune follows him wherever he goes.  His ship encounters a tsunami that destroys the ship and kills all those aboard save himself.

Adrift and unconscious he is picked up by a ship manned by the Charr (humanoid cat people) he believes his short life is over.  Instead he becomes a member of the crew and soon develops a fondness and fellowship with his feline shipmates whom he had been raised all his life to hate and fear.

As the days, months and years pass, Cobiah eventually becomes the captain of his own vessel.  While under his command his crew comes face-to-face with a ship of the undead and barely manage to escape.

The undead are a part of the army of the newly resurrected kingdom of Orr.  As the corpse army sweeps across the land, Cobiah and his shipmates decide to rebuild the drowned city of Lion's Arch as a safe haven for ships of all sorts and a front against the undead.

The city grows and so too does Cobiah's worries and enemies.

Will he become the savior that will lead his people to defeat the hordes of Orr?

Sea Of Sorrows takes place within the fictional world of Guild Wars, based on the award-winning video game.

Author Ree Soesbee has succeeded in making Sea Of Sorrows, from Pocket Books, an exciting adventure tale reminiscent of such classics as Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, Man In The Iron Mask and other well known and loved coming of age books.

I enjoyed reading each and every page, not knowing what to expect and pleasantly surprised about what did.