Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Star Trek Enterprise: Rise Of The Federation

Next to the original Star Trek TV series, Star Trek Enterprise was my favorite.  I was heart-broken when the series ended after a few short years.
It was a shame because after a bit of a rough start the program was coming into its own with outstanding scripts and plots.

The last episode skipped from the Enterprise crew's adventures midway through their assignment to their returning to Earth-to tie up loose ends for the fans.  Unfortunately a lot happened in that time-stories Enterprise fans will never see.

I enjoyed the show because it started when mankind first set out into deep space using Warp Drive.  The show introduced many of the gadgets and aliens familiar with Star Trek fans such as the Transporter, Phaser, Medical Scanner, Klingons, the Borg, etc.

It was refreshing and fascinating watching the Federation of Planets form.

Fortunately Enterprise is back in an all-new adventure from Pocket Books, written by Christopher L. Bennett.  In A Choice Of Futures readers are present as the upstart Federation has its tenuous beginning.

The old Enterprise crew is back, albeit on different ships, and the Enterprise itself is in a museum.

The old crew, and their new crewmates, must work with a divergent group of alien worlds to cement the formation of the Federation and its mission.

Along the way they encounter hostile aliens, espionage, unexpected setbacks, new engineering breakthroughs and various tests of their resolve to incorporate and understand new alien races and their cultures.

It was great fun having the old Enterprise crew together again-despite the fact they weren't serving together-at least some of them.

I'm sure Enterprise fans will love this new book as much as I do.