Saturday, August 10, 2013

Duck Dynasty Season 3

Who would have ever thought that a TV series about a family of backwoods folks who made their fortune making and selling duck calls would make for a popular TV show?
My thought would have been if it would have been proposed to me is that the producers are a bunch of 'quacks'.  Goes to show what I know.

The Robertson family is back in a brand new series of episodes from the Third Season. 
It's not easy running a duck call empire when your employees are relatives and tend to get distracted.  In the Third Season the company's CEO attempts to lose weight, a black panther hunt is underway and the family is completely out of their element when they visit Hawaii along with other funny moments.

Offend hilarious, never dull, the Duck Dynasty TV series is a true phenomenon.  Take away the backwoods setting, strip the family down to its core and what you wind up with is a family that loves each other, have a strong abiding faith and above all else they hold strong morals, an strong code of honor and honesty that are a breath of fresh air in this time of distrust and suspicion about politics, big business and social hypocrisy.

Duck Dynasty Season 3, the 2-Disc Collection comes from A&E and Lionsgate.  Thirteen episodes come in the set that includes 25 minutes of special features such as Deleted Scenes, Webisodes, Video Mash-Up and Music Videos.