Thursday, September 12, 2013

Matte Painting 3

From BallisticPublishing’s d ‘artiste Digital Artists Master Class comes Matte Painting 3 that celebrates the best of the best unsung heroes of movies and video games.
Too often the digital artists who make and animate the fantasy creature, aliens and humans used in video games, movies and to a smaller extent TV get most of the credit for the success or failure of any of the projects.  They are considered the ‘stars’ of the digital world and, rightly so, they deserve much of the credit.

But, what about the unsung heroes of the digital realm?  What about those artists who are every bit as talented (some much more so) than their 3D figure animation partners?

I’m talking about Matte Painters.  They are the artists and craftsmen, and women, who tirelessly spend hours, days, weeks, sometimes months on visualizing and creating the beautiful backgrounds and environments in which the 3D animated figure can play, fight and explore.

As I mentioned many times before computer generated art is not easy to produce.  Environments are by far the hardest.

Matte Painters must possess a wide range of artistic capabilities.  Knowledge of light and shadow, color, atmosphere, perspective, architecture, engineering, organization, resourcefulness, a strong sense of design, endless imagination, etc. are just a few of the talents they must use.

Digital Matte Paining involves far more than sitting in front of a computer screen and doodling.  It takes take time, talent and determination. .Ballistic Publishing presents Matte Painting 3 that looks at the long and arduous task of creating spectacular, realistic, imaginative backgrounds and environments by showcasing the art of  three top talents of the 21st Century.

Page after page goes into exhaustive detail on how a digital Matte Painting is first conceived, assembled and finished.

Intensive research and technical know how goes into each beautifully reproduced full-color piece.  Just the effort that goes into learning new technology and programs is staggering enough.  Throw in designing and constructing entire cities, alien plants, lush tropical, exotic locations, etc and making them come alive is a phenomenon only a select few have the ability to do.  

They are the unsung heroes of the digital age: the Matte Painters.

Look for Matte Painting 3 featuring work by David Luong, Damien Mace and Milan Schere.  The oversize soft cover book comes in an attractive hard case slip cover