Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two Aircraft, One Ship

IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro "The Battle of the Leyte Gulf"

Are you ready to test your model making skills?  Do you have what it takes to assemble, paint and decal a monster of a model?  Do you have what it takes?

If you are the you’re sure to love Hasegawa Hobby Kits new IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro "The Battle of the Leyte Gulf" 1?350 Scale model that contains literally hundreds of model parts, elaborate instructions for paint application and decals.

Up the ante with the special IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro Detail UP Parts Super that includes even more parts.  Ready for more decals? Be sure to check out the Etchings Part ‘A’ and ‘B’ that will add a special ‘oomph’ to your Cruiser.

The IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro was famous for the part in took in the world’s last great naval battle at Leyte Gulf.  As part of a large fleet eh IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro managed to sink a U.S. carrier only to be sunk itself the next day.

The Limited Edition IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro model is packed with details and is a true challenge to the most veteran of model makers.

Examining the model I can testify that I have never seen such attention to detail as I’ve seen on this particular model.  Every railing, gun enlacement, tower, hatch, crane, lifeboat on the deck is called perfectly to size.  The ship’s deck plating is even visible!

The underside of the Cruiser is just as impressive with its quad-props, sleek underbelly and starboard and port sides feature portholes, anchor housings and other nautical accoutrements and accessories.

Take a few minutes to take in the details and imagine the craftsmanship and engineering and design talent it takes to design such a scaled down model.

This model, along with other Hasegawa models, takes a great deal of technical skill to recreate large vehicles and ships reduced in scale.

Far more than ‘putting pieces together’ is required.  Careful measurements taken from blueprints (and sometimes actual craft) are required.  Hasegawa Hobby Kits sculptors spend literally hundreds of hours designing and perfecting their craft.

Imagine assembling an entire Cruiser, in detail, at such a small scale.  It boggles the mind.

Full instructions come with the ship model that guides model makers through the complicated task of assembling such an impressive model.  Careful attention must be given to each step in order to ensure a perfect model. 

Make no mistake-this is not an easy model to make.  It takes time and patience to put together.  But, with the help of Hasegawa’s detailed instructions you’ll soon to be able to proudly display your IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro with pride.

As with all Hasegawa model the IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro boasts precisely scaled parts that easily detach form part trees with little )if any) flashing, decals apply easily and by following the step-by-step painting instruction you’ll soon find yourself the proud owner of a miniature Cruiser as part of your model collection.

MV-22B Osprey

As the world’s first tilt-rotor aircraft the MV-22B Osprey is truly a unique aircraft.  Capable of vertical take-offs and landings the MV-22B Osprey is a true hybrid of a helicopter and prop aircraft.

Ideal for use on short or almost non-existent airstrip the Osprey is the ideal aircraft for rescue operations, quick exits, emergencies evacuations and so forth.

The Hasegawa 1/72 Scale model captures the unique look of this odd aircraft right down to its distinctive twin vertical tri-blade props.

Customizable as two variations of the aircraft the Osprey model is a marvel of model making.  Exterior details include the twin props, up-swept back twin tail fins, full view canopy (through which you can see the entire cockpit interior including instrument panels and seats and two pilots in full flight gear), under the wing/prop entry hatches, , landing gear and full exterior instrumentation electronic bundles.

Display your Osprey in the landing position or upon the display stand for in-flight configuration.

Full sets of decals, paint instructions and assembly instructions are included.

The tilt-rotors can be positioned either up or down depending on your configuration choice.  Pay particular attention to the fuselage details and the prop designs-impressive!

P-3C (Block IIIA) Orion 'J.M.S.D.F.'

Measuring in at 1/72 Scale the Hasegawa 1/72 P-3C Block IIIA Orion Limited Edition aircraft model has the distinction of 50+ years of service.  The four-prop transport/sub detector is a trustworthy and dependable aircraft that so impressed the Japanese that they replaced their entire Lockhead P-2s as part of their Self0Defense Force.

The sleek tubular aircraft can be position with flaps extended, wheels down or in a flying configuration.  Details include a full interior and exterior cockpit details, fuselage hatches and instrument bundles, antennae, radar instrumentation and complete cockpit and wing seams and plating.

While not as flamboyant as other aircraft the 1/72 P-3C Block IIIA Orion more than makes up for its rather bland appearance with powerful engines, an impressive flight history and a sturdy construction that has proven the test of time.

Full paint, assembly and decal instructions are included and the model can be detailed two different ways: J.M.S.D.F. Fleet Air Wing 2 2nd SQ. Code: 5100 Hachinohe A.B. and J.M.S.D.F. Fleet Air Wing 4 3rd SQ. Code: 5101 Atsugi A.B.