Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alter Ego #121, November

Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego magazine #121, from TwoMorrowsPublishing, spotlights DC Comics Justice Society of America and its long history. 

Inside readers can expect the following articles accompanied by sketches, full color illustrations and more.  I am constantly amazed by volume of original material TwoMorrows and Roy Thomas are able to get their hands on for each issue.  Enjoy!

Writer/Editorial: “…And All The Stars Looked Down”
John B. Wentworth—All-American Thunderbolt
Daughter Rebecca Wentworth tells Richard Arndt about the creator of “Johnny Thunder,”
“Sargon the Sorcerer,” & “The Whip.”
Special A/E Interlude: “The Will Of William Wilson”
Splitting The Atom—Three Ways!
Mrs. Emily Sokoloff & Maggie Sansone talk to Shaun Clancy about Leonard Sansone—
inker/co-creator of “The Atom”—and about co-creators Ben Flinton and Bill O’Connor.
“The Life Of A Freelancer… Is Always Feast Or Famine”
Bernice Sachs-Smollet to Richard Arndt about her late husband, JSA/JLA artist Bernard Sachs.
Comic  Fandom Archive: 2 Flashes Meet The Purple Slagheap
Bill Schelly presents Landon Chesney’s fandom classic—in color for the first time since 1963!
Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt! Now That’s A Fan!
Michael T. Gilbert looks at the nutty house ads of Golden Age Ace Periodicals.
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FCA [Fawcett Collectors Of America] #180