Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cabinet Of Curiosities

Guillermo Del Toro is considered by those within the film industry as one of the most ingenious, innovative, imaginative and multi-talented directors in film history.
Far more than just a director Guillermo is truly a Renaissance Man. Among his many talents are director, editor, film historian, artist, writer, special effects innovator and respected intellectual.
For an in-depth, personal and intimate look at what makes his mind tick be sure to pick up a copy of Guillermo Del Toro: Cabinet Of Curiosities from the director, published by Harper Design.

The impressive (and beautifully designed), hardbound book collects Guillermo’s notebooks, collections and other obsessions in a fascinating and impressive compilation that allow readers to momentarily delve into the director’s mind.

Notes, manuscripts, movie props and costumes, obscure oddities, move set and character reproductions, miniatures, toys, photos and books are complemented by text and observations from Guillermo.

As a writer, graphic designer and artist myself I enjoyed picking apart Guillermo’s mind as the book peels back the layers of his fertile imagination.

I recommend this book anyone with even a hint of creativity.  It’s a magical mystery tour of moviedom’s most mind-blowing master of film.