Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Draw! #26, Fall

Now in full color, the 26th issue of Draw! magazine from TwoMorrowsPublishing focuses its attention on artist Joe Jusko.  It's hard to believe Joe started his professional career at the tender age of 14!  Included in this special issue is a glimpse of Joe’s work at such a young age and his first professional commission.
Inside readers are treated to a visual journey through Joe’s long and illustrious career courtesy of sketches, drawings and completed paintings. Considered one of the most professional and all around nice guys in the industry Joe Jusko is an icon and inspiration to fantasy artists worldwide.

Also included in this issue are articles about  two equally influential artists: longtime Marvel and DC artist Jerry Ordway and somewhat controversial artist Jim Rugg.

I especially enjoyed catching a glimpse of the each artist’s thought processes as evident by their sketches and a peek at their studios

Both articles features lots of old and new artwork, extensive interviews and retrospectives of their work along with future plans both artists have in store.

Mike Manley and Bret Blevin conduct a Comic Art Bootcamp (Drawing Dynamic Figures) and the Crusty Critic reviews the tools of the trade.  This time it's correction fluid.