Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I've always been fascinated by Ireland.  One of my best friends growing up with of Irish descent and I still remember when he took a hiking tour of Ireland when he was just out of high school.
He told of a land of gentle-hearted souls, fiercely independent but generous and curious about the 'American' who walked their land.  Many a night he spent at the home of complete strangers who took him in, fed him and regaled him with stories of Irish history and lore.

Although I am of Scottish descent I still love to hear tales of the Emerald Isle.  Call it a kinship of sorts. 

Although there are many books about Ireland few delve into the heart and soul of its people and history.  ClanDonnell is one such book, by writer David K. McDonnell.

ClanDonnell: A Storied History of Ireland, published by Burrowing Owl Press, tells of the story of Ireland from it tumultuous past up to the 20th Century.  

Casting aside dry academic descriptions of places, people and times past the book looks through the eyes of the McDonnell Clan and their descendants and cuts to the bone and sinew as to what made the Ireland it is today.

The McDonnell Clan make perfect hosts through time as their people were comprised from all levels of society from peasants to noblemen.  

Combined with 640 images (including photos) the book delves deeply into Ireland's people, places and history even throwing in a bit of the Irish along the way. Poor or rich, Catholic or Protestant the book tells the tales of Ireland in a totally unique and engrossing way.