Monday, November 25, 2013

Kaili Unicorno and Mozzarella “I Love Milk” Moofia

What better time to purchase cute little plush critters than for Christmas!?  Tokidoki has just released two delightful creatures that kids are sure to love: Kaili Unicorno and Mozzarella “I Love Milk” Moofia.

Kaili is all rainbows and flowers with her pink stepped mane and orange unicorn.  A flower decorates her right ear and her pink wings contrast to her aqua blue fuzzy tail.  White and orange stitched flowers decorate her right side and white and pink flowers her left.

Each hoof is a different color: pink, orange, purple and yellow and complement her soft light brown fur.  Large black eyes with a single eyelash make Kaili as cute as a button.

I Love Milk is the small companion to Mozzarella Moofia.  With its cat face (pink nose and large black eyes and two triple whiskers) twin horns, gold ring pierced ears and brown color with tag, I Love Milk has a black tipped tail, a pink underbelly and four black hooves along with black spots on its white body.

Both plush critters are cute and cuddly and you can purchase them at boutiques nationwide, the Tokidoki flagship store in Melrose and at