Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Movie Icons

They are the faces of the film industry.  They are the actors, actresses and creatures that populate the movies we love to watch.  They are the images we most associate with classic Silver Screen stories.
They personify films; they are what make a great film great.  Not the special effects.  Not the costumes. Not the elaborate sets or choreographed dance routines fight scenes, love scene or situations.

Taschen has gathered together 365 days of photos chronicling a year in pictures day by day.  Black and white and color the photos feature iconic moments in films as personified by the actors, actresses and creatures we’ve all come to love, hate, fear and cherish.

Who can forget such classics as jaws, Aliens, Psycho, Platoon and Goldfinger-just to name a few in this impressive collection of movie stills?

From small, poignant and relevant films to huge spectacles the world’s most famous films are showcased.  Photos and movie posters fill the massive compilation of cinematic magic encased in a hardback book measuring nearly two inches thick.

If you love films and the characters that populate them then be sure to pick up a copy of Movie icons from Taschen.