Saturday, January 18, 2014

Apollo, Rocker and UFO

Haynes (Zenith Press) has just released three new manuals for the astronaut, Rocker and space alien fan in all of us.
Interesting note: for years Haynes was primarily known for its vehicle manuals: Fords, Chevy’s, etc.  If you had something wrong with your car or truck you could count on Haynes to have the manual specifically for your vehicle model and year.

Over the last several years Haynes has expanded its repertoire of manuals that cover everything from cartons to space travel.  Just like its famous vehicle manuals, Haynes plethora of subject manuals are just as comprehensive and thorough (and a load of fun to look through and read.)

Case in point: For the space enthusiast the NASA Mission AS-508 Apollo 13 Owner’s Workshop Manual.

From stem to stern then entire Apollo 13 spacecraft is broken down and examined with each and every component explained and examined.

From capsule to Lunar Module readers are prepped and prepared to take the ill-fated spacecraft to the moon-almost.

History recounts the almost fatal mission of Apollo 13 which would have resulted in the death of the crew.

Only the clever engineering of ground crew, the perseverance of the Apollo crew and the grace of God managed to save the crew and bring them back to Earth.

Discover the fatal flaws of the spacecraft, the incident that almost cost the crew their lives and the heroic efforts put forth to bring them back alive.

Old Rock and Rollers never die, they just become irrelevant-if they’re not careful. The Old Rocker’s Handbook: All The Mature Musician Needs, by Chris Maillard, is the survival guide for a Rock musician who is past their prime but still want to rock.

Old Rockers discover what not to wear, how to relate to younger musicians, how to form a band and how to survive the new generation of music.

When I was younger I was fascinated by UFOs (don’t tell anyone, I still am).  The thought that an alien race (or races) has and do visit Earth is the stuff of dreams.

Author Nigel Watson’s UFO Investigation Manual looks at the UFO phenomenon starting in 1892 on up to he resent.

The book examines types of aliens and spacecraft, abductions, government investigations, sightings, evidence, close encounters and more.

Cases and incidents are examined and the entire book is filled with archival photos, clippings and art complemented by interviews, theories and eyewitness accounts.

Are we alone in the universe?  Maybe, maybe not-after reading this book you may change your mind.